Top 10 Beauty Tips to Keep You Refreshed

This latest bizarre news is not a new B-Town break-up or a television couple patch-up, but it is a well-kept secret. The secrets to the flawless beauty of actresses from the big screens of Bollywood to the small screens of telly industry. One such actress is Divyanka Tripathi, the newly-wed diva who never fails to dazzle the screens. Wondering how she always manages to do that? Then, let’s dive into it.

Follow these beauty tips which will make you look glamorous like these Divyanka Tripathi images.

So, here are the top 10 beauty tips:

  1. Always!

Moisturising helps your skin to hit a perfect balance, protecting it from being either too dry or too oily which results in access of acne and other skin problems.


Washing your face helps your skin breathe and cleanse your pores of any dirt. But it varies for different skin-types from oily to dry. Over-washing might also lead to irritation and might de-moisturize your skin. So, it is important to know how frequently your face needs a wash accordingly.

  1. Bring back oil

Oiling makes your hair more moisturising and hydrating. It also protects your hair from getting frizzy or too dry, improving any hair damages due to pollution or any other harmful products.

  1. Carry your water bottle around

Drinking water not only keeps your body fresh but your face as well. Hydrating helps your body to flush out toxins, hence giving your skin a healthier and natural glow.

  1. Remove your makeup

Removing makeup is the most important step of a night-routine which is generally overlooked. Sleeping with the makeup on will close the pores of your skin hence not allowing the skin to breathe properly. This can result in break outs and harsh skin. 

  1. Sunscreens lotions

A SPF protected sunscreen lotion is a must before stepping out of the house. The sunrays damage the skin by tanning it and sometimes, even burn the skin out of repair. Apply sun screen all over your body and face at least 20 minutes before you leave and apply it every 2 hours.

  1. Try home-remedies

Treat your skin to face-packs or body scrubs which are home made and let them do their magic on your skin

  1. Exfoliate every time

Exfoliating the skin twice a week helps in rejuvenating it, leaving your skin glowing. Pick up a scrub of your choice and start exfoliating!

  1. Don’t comb while wet

Hair follicles are comparatively fragile when the hair is wet and combing your hair at that particular time makes it more susceptible for breakage. Hence it is advised not to do so.

  1. Eat Healthy

What you eat determines how your skin radiates. So, it is necessary for your diet to have a healthy routine or you might which helps your skin glow.

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Celebrity Gossips to Cheer up Your Mood

We bring to you latest entertainment news of the hour. What could be more interesting than indulging in some celebrity gossip?  After Shraddha Kapoor’s first biopic Haseena Parker failed to leave a mark at the box office and failed to impress the critics as well. The movie was directed by Apoorva Lakhia and produced by Nahid Khan. The character of Shraddha Kapoor is based on Dawood Ibrahim’s sister. The film was Shraddha Kapoor’s first movie as the female protagonist. The role of Dawood Ibrahim was played by Siddhant Kapoor. Shraddha Kapoor played the challenging role of a meek bride turning into the ruler of underworld. Inspite of Shraddha taking on a challenging role, the movie failed to leave an impact on viewers and critics alike. However, she was all set to work in another biopic. This time she was playing the great badminton player Saina Nehwal in her biopic. The movie will be directed by Amole Gupte.

So, Shraddha kapoor went and met Saina Nehwal for the reason and started training under her coach and former badminton player Pulleya Gopichand. This made to the list of latest lifestyle news. But it is said that the movie is stalled as of now. Whether the movie is postponed indefinitely or just deferred for the moment is yet not clear.

Apparently, Shraddha Kapoor had already started preparing for the film. She deemed this project to be as one of her hardest projects. Indeed it is not easy to portray an individual like Saina Nehwal on screen. Therefore Shraddha Kapoor was undergoing rigorous training in order to do justice to the role. However, there have been reports saying that Shraddha Kapoor is facing difficulty in picking up the sport. Chances could be that the movie is stalled because of this but there is no confirmation from the director’s or producer’s side.

We hope that the preparation of the movie is soon started in full swing as it will be a treat to watch the story of the great badminton player on screen. We wish the entire team best of luck for their endeavors.

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Padmavat Talk of the Tinsel Town

If I attempt to bring to you the Top 10 entertainment news of the hour, my list will probably incomplete without the mention of the film ‘Padmavat’. ‘Padmavat’ which was initially called ‘Padmavati’, is a film directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali starring Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh along with Shahid Kapoor. A section of the society claimed that the movie hurt their sentiments and there were huge protests against it. Deepika Padukone was threatened to be beheaded. The news also made it to the list of Top 10 Celebrity News.

If you search for Top 10 lifestyle news you’ll see one of them will be a rumor that says that the censor board attempts about 300 cuts in the movie. However, the film’s producer has confirmed that there are no 300 cuts. The censor board has proposed five cuts in the movie. Viacom18 Media Pvt Ltd has said that they appreciate this approach taken by the censor board. Prasoon Joshi, chairperson of CBFC, also said that about five modifications which also include the change of the name of the film have been proposed.  Since the poem from which the movie is said to be inspired is named ‘Padmavat’, the CBFC wants the movie to be named so. The CBFC has also directed the producers to add two disclaimers in the beginning- one stating that the movie does not depict history in any way and another stating that the film does not promote or support the practice of sati. Modifications to the song Ghoomar, which was earlier released, is also made in order to portray characters in an apt way. Modifications to the incorrect reference to historical places have also been sought.

The director and producers of Padmavat have apparently accepted these changes since it does not seek to interfere or modify with the story that they wish to convey to the audience. The producers have said that there are no extensive cuts and the CBFC has been fair and transparent in its business.

We wish that the producers and the CBFC land on a solution soon and the piece of art is soon released.

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3 Most Popular Latest Health Tips

Different blogs focus on providing you the Natural Beauty Tips. Apart from this there are certain sections that focus on the best of 10 including the Top 10 Places. However, there are very few blogs and websites that provide you the most relevant information about the Latest Health Tips. If you find one that highlights this important aspect too then you must bookmark the same. Here we are with the 3 most popular Latest Health Tips.

Have a balanced diet 

The first rule to the healthy life is a balanced diet. You should have three meals a day and at a fixed interval of time. Never overeat and avoid the junk food. Have the hygienic food that is cooked in good conditions, most preferably the home made food. The stomach is after all the key factor that determines your health. If you are unable to keep it healthy then it will not let the other parts also function properly.

Have a proper sleep 

You must have a sleep of at least 6 hours per night. In case you compromise with your sleep the body never heals of the fatigue that you cause to it. In addition to this, waking up with the tired body and mind will not let you function properly and the same cycle continues. If deficiency of sleep is known to cause problems and health issues then the same goes true for the excessive sleep also. In excess, sleeping can be a major cause of obesity. Therefore, you need to sleep in an appropriate quantity.

Exercise and physical workout

You need to take out time to indulge yourself in the physical exercises, be it the brisk walking in the morning/ evening or going to the gym, it is a must. You may also try yoga in case you have enough time. If not this then you can prefer walking more wherever possible as it is one of the most natural exercises.

All in all, these are the 3 most popular Latest Health Tips. There are umpteen other ways to maintain your health but these are the ones that though categorized as the latest are yet the most conventional.

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Most Popular Conventional Beauty Tips

The Latest Bizarre News have been focusing about the beauty and health mantras that people have been flowing around the globe in recent times. The Top 10 Beauty Tips that people have been flowing in the most interior places of the world are quite different to the those that are a part of the modern world. Same goes the case with the Top 10 Health Tips that can leave you completely amazed. Here, we will focus on the most popular conventional beauty tips. These are as follows.

Get rid of Black Heads/ dark skin

A perfect combination of olive oil and the sea salt is a quick key to scrub your body and get rid of the blackheads that you have. Placing drops of raw honey on an open lemon wedge and then rubbing the same on your face foe 60 seconds or so can also help you to get rid of the blackheads. Cutting an orange into half and then rubbing it on your elbows and knees can help lighten the dark complexion they have formed.

Dry Brushing

Dry brushing helps to stimulate a number of organs with the help of a gentle massage. Not only this, but it also helps the lymphatic system in addition to eliminating the dead skin coatings and strengthening your immune system. In addition to this, it eliminates the cellulite by stimulating the hormones and also tightens the skin by facilitating a better circulation. There is not much that you have to do and it is free of cost or say at least cheap if you want someone else to do it for you. Also, make use of melted coconut oil as a deep conditioning hair as well as scalp treatment. You can massage coconut oil into the scalp and then massage.

All in all, these are the most popular conventional beauty tips. These have been acknowledged around the world and will continue to be followed at several places even today. Be it any genre of beauty tips the list remains incomplete without these hacks. Managing sleep, stress as well as diet is no doubt the ultimate trick to keep yourself healthy and beautiful at the same time.

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Importance of Technology While Travelling

The Latest Tech News keeps you informed about the most recent innovations that take place in the field of technology. The importance of this lies in the fact that technology has something to do with travelling too. Be it the apps out there that help you planning the trip or news app that let you know the Top 10 Bizarre News about the destination you plan to visit, technology has a lot to do. Whether you wish to know about the Top 10 Tourist Destination or the facts about it, technology comes to your rescue every time. Here we will highlight the importance of technology while travelling.

Technology while commuting

Unlike in the past today, travelling has become a lot easier and time saving. People can easily travel from one place to another in couple of hours. All the credit goes to the technology that has enhanced the modes of transportation, many different places easily accessible that too with all the comforts and luxuries.

Technology and facilities

Be it finding the directions or booking the accommodation, everything can be done with the click on a mouse or tap of a button. There is no sort of inconvenience to be taken. Finding the places nearby you that might interest you or getting the true facts about the place, you need no third person for that, the little gadget in your hand does all the work.

Technology and connectivity

Gone are the days when your phone went unreachable while you were on roaming. Today not only can you stay in touch with the loved ones while travelling but you can also indulge in the face to face communication with them that too instantly and without any hurdles.

All in all, this is the importance of technology while travelling. Next time you try to link the two you will not find it to be the difficult task at all. All you need to do is stay up to date with the technology and see how it makes travelling a bed of roses for you by saving you time and effort both.

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Importance of Travelling to Tourist Places

Different people have different choice and preference patterns. There are many who keep u to date with the Latest Sports News whereas many other go regularly through the entertainment news. Tech savvy are engrossed and happy to know the Latest Technology News and social workers with the news on social platforms. For people who love travelling, we have blogs like the Top 10 Tourist Places or 10 best travel destinations etcetera. These blogs will give you an insight into the importance of travelling to Tourist Places.

Breaks the monotony of life

Travelling takes you to places that are worth exploring. It is usually said that travelling is the sort of knowledge for the youth whereas it is a sort of experience for the aged. Be it any case you are sure to gain a lot from it. Travelling to different places lets you free from the hustle and bustle of the daily life. Away from the noise and commotion of the hectic daily routine, you get to experience something new.

Provides you the first -hand experience

We have read about all the best tourist destination, sometimes in the books and sometimes in the essays written by others. An explanation of the places takes us to an imaginary world as we see the place from the viewpoint of the narrator. In case we go and see the place with our own eyes then we can actually feel the place. This first-hand experience further provides us with the knowledge to impart to others.

Source of rejuvenation and relaxation

Travelling places gives us a chance to relax our souls and get a break from the hectic schedules. While travelling we tend to pack all our problems and leave them behind so as to solve them once we come back with a rejuvenated soul.

All in all, this is the importance of travelling to Tourist Places. Explore different places because this help you to make memories. These are the actual assets that you are going to make and cherish later in life when strength begins to give up on your body.

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